The Climate & Water Lab

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The (Paleo) Climate Group at Rice University 

Welcome! The Climate, Water, and Energy lab is headed by Dr. Sylvia Dee, a climate scientist specializing in atmospheric modeling, water isotope physics, and paleoclimate data-model comparison. 

Improving Climate Predictions

Our research combines climate information from the Past and Present to improve predictions of Future climate.

climate data ANALYSIS

Our work focuses on strategies for linking data from general circulation models, satellite retrievals of stable water isotope ratios, and high-resolution paleoclimate observations such as ice cores, tree rings, and corals. 

News and  Events

Two Postdoc Positions Available

The Rice University Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences department seeks a postdoctoral researcher in paleoclimate and climate modeling. This fully funded researcher will be expected to address problems in tropical climate changes and ENSO dynamics over the last 2000 years. 

This position requires a strong background in climate science & modeling, as well as big data methods for managing paleoclimate archives. Experience in numerical/statistical, and geospatial modeling is required.

See "Open Positions" tab for more information! 

Welcoming New Lab Members

This year, we are welcoming Ph.D. student Kelsey Murphy to the lab! Check out her Bio on the "People" page! 

Undergrad Research, Ph.D. and Postdoc Positions

Please contact for information about Ph.D. and postdoc positions. Undergraduate students at Rice can also reach out for research opportunities in the lab. 

Former Lab Member News

Former Postdoc Jun Hu moved to Xiamen University in January, 2022, to begin as a tenure-track assistant professor! We are so pround of Jun and were so grateful for his work in our lab.

Former Postdoc Allison Lawman is now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder, working on Holocene climate change! 

Interested in learning more about Environment @ Rice University? Check out The Rice Environmental Initiative!

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