The Climate & Water Lab

at Rice University


The (Paleo) Climate Group at Rice University 

Welcome! The Climate, Water, and Energy lab is headed by Dr. Sylvia Dee, a climate scientist specializing in atmospheric modeling, water isotope physics, and paleoclimate data-model comparison.

Improving Climate Predictions

Our research combines climate information from the Past and Present to improve predictions of Future climate.

climate data ANALYSIS

Our work focuses on strategies for linking data from general circulation models, satellite retrievals of stable water isotope ratios, and high-resolution paleoclimate observations such as ice cores, tree rings, and corals. 

News and  Events

Welcoming New Lab Members

This year, we welcomed postdocs Dr. Allison Lawman and Dr. Lizzie Wallace, as well as Ph.D. student Charlie Marshall to the lab! We're looking forward to welcoming Kelsey Murphy, a new Ph.D. student who will join our lab in August 2021!

Ph.D. and Postdoc Positions Availalbe

Please contact for information about Ph.D. and postdoc positions. 

Princeton Environmental Institute Forum

Dr. Dee recently was invited as a climate panelist for the Princeton Environmental Institute's 25th Anniversary Forum. 


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