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Sylvia Dee is a an assistant professor and climate scientist at Rice University specializing in atmospheric modeling, water isotope physics, and paleoclimate data-model comparison. She completed her undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering with certificates in Geological Engineering and Environmental Sciences at Princeton University, and her Ph.D. at the University of Southern California Earth Sciences department. She previously held postdoctoral fellowships at the UT Institute for Geophysics and Brown University. 


Jun Hu is at postdoctoral researcher working on using stable water isotopes to track modern and future climate change, including the trend of the Hadley Circulation. He is also interested in studying long-term hydroclimate variability in the past by using isotope-enabled climate models. Jun received a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Southern California, where he studied the interpretation of Asian speleothem oxygen isotopes. He got his M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and B.S from Lanzhou University in China.


5dc336daad138.pngXinyue Luo is a first-year Ph.D. student at Rice working in the Climate Lab. She graduated from Nanjing University with a B.S. in Atmospheric Science. Xinyue is interested in climate variability and climate dynamics. She is currently working on a project about ENSO and its teleconnections in North America with Dr. Sylvia Dee.

5dbf8e3e28839.jpegMelinda Ding is an undergraduate researcher in the Climate Lab majoring in Computer Sciences. Melinda builds Graphical User Interfaces for existing climate and proxy system models, and applies machine learning techniques to improve our understanding of past and future climates.


Sue Kim is a senior at Rice University studying Computer Science and Statistics from Seattle, Washington. She is assisting on a project investigating temperature changes in Africa over the last 20,000 years by tuning and analyzing climate models.